Friday, April 09, 2010

Ich bin ein Anarchist

Malcolm McClaren may have been many things - entrepreneur, impresario, disrespecter of the state - but one of those many things was the man who first introduced me to the ideas of anarchy through his seminal band, the Sex Pistols. Yes, it would take me a long march over many years to weave my way towards Austro-anarcho-capitalism, and Professor Hoppe, but the Sex Pistols were definitely the first step. Well actually, I tell a lie. The first step was the day my best friend at school appeared in the school yard wearing tartan bondage straps tied to his black school trousers, shortly after the Sex Pistols had taken the pop world by storm. Up until that day I had been an ardent statist and hard-core Stalinist (from as early as I can remember). However, those tartan bondage straps represent the first chink in my allegiance to the state. I was never brave enough to wear a set, alas, in fear of the school authorities, but as the Randites might have put it, those tartan straps set a strange fire in my mind which led me away from the stupidities of Marxism. The straps were, of course, designed by McClaren's girlfriend at the time, Vivienne Westwood.

Malcolm McClaren - May you Rest In Punk.

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