Monday, July 13, 2009

Dead from Swine Flu yet?

Thought not.

A plague so virulent that Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was reported as having it last week, but said it was only a sniffle and he would still make it to the film premiere of the Half-Blood Prince.

No doubt the UN had plans to lock him up to prevent him from spreading his virii, in a large public gathering, but their handlers told them to look the other way.

Yes, the thoughts of Maturin Towers are with those families who have lost loved ones to flu, this year.

But as in an average year about 20,000 people die of flu in the UK, this was hardly 'All of Humanity Under Threat' as the UN claimed only a couple of months ago.

Once again, the entire world was suckered into another propaganda exercise for the imposition of world government, and once again the aspiring world government has been left looking like a bunch of idiots.

No doubt, however, this time next year they'll be at it again with 'Cat Flu', 'Dog Flu', 'Uncle Tom Cobley Flu', or even 'Flue Powder Flu'.

We really must be democratised government-educated fools for falling for this clap-trap, year after year. No doubt when a real plague hits, from out of left field, the UN will completely fail to spot it.

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