Friday, July 10, 2009

MPC to hold interest rates, but increase QE

Dear Lord.

Have you divested into gold, silver, and gold and silver mining stocks yet?

Don't you think it's time you should?

With quantitative counterfeiting about to rise from £125 billion to £200 billion pounds, with all of that being laundered through UK government bond auction sales to 'pay' the wages of millions of bureaucrats, expect massive price inflation in Britain in the next few years.

Oh yes, unless the Bank of England reverse their quantitative policy next year and start destroying money instead by selling government bonds, and raising interest rates to 15%, 20%, or even higher.

Yes, the economy will be able to take that kind of shock, next year. Just like a fat bloke can always go on a diet, next year.

As if.

Just who do they think they're kidding? If we can't take high interest rates now, why does anyone think we'll be able to take high interest rates later, when the fundamentals will be even worse?

Buy gold. Physical gold. That you hold yourself. Do it now. Fix your mortgage while you're at it. Because when this price inflation tsunami takes hold, it is going to take enormous interest rates to rein it back in again.

Though let's face it, the real course of action will be to ditch the pound and surrender to the Euro Zone, with a massively devalued entrance rate for all of the soon-to-be-worthless pounds in your pocket.

Dear God, sometimes I hate being an Austrian. The long-term future of a free world looks just great. But the horrors we are about to go through to get there are just horrible.

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