Sunday, July 05, 2009

Is the state guilty of child kidnap?

In the opinion of Maturin Towers, any child the mafia state abducts is a victim of kidnap, but even 'sensible' people are beginning to come around to this opinion. Christopher Booker reports upon an appalling case in which three children were kidnapped by the mafia for the crime of their father being worried about their safety on the streets of Britain.

Kidnapping children is arguably the worst of all crimes, and likely to send any decent parent into a paroxysm of incoherent anger, desperation, and rage. That we are then expected to stand soberly in a mafia court and mildly await the opinion of mafia judges, police, and social interferers - all of whom have 'targets' to hit - attests to the stupidity and malevolence of everyone taking their pay from the mafia's stolen pelf.

The state and its evil tax-eating denizens are out of control, in this country. They cannot keep the streets safe, apparently their primary 'legitimising' function; they are thus visiting their criminality upon more and more honest people in order to hold onto their power, pelf, and privileges, while they remain afraid of other non-mafia criminals on these self-same streets.

Roll on the day when we can say that we have finally withered them all into nothing.


Richard Dale said...

I saw that one too, and it is f'ing evil. I hate petty, self-righteous, self-regarding bureaucrats. Personally I hope they successfully prosecute the police for wrongful arrest (the police can't just arrest you for anything - unless you are suspected of an arrestable offence or the police suspect they have not been given correct identity and address then they cannot legally arrest you. Neither appears relecant here).

Jack Maturin said...

The secrecy of the courts is the worst thing. Yes, perhaps protect the identity of the children and the parents, but to protect the identity of these little Hitlers, thus encouraging them to persecute people for fun, and to hit targets, is criminal in itself.