Sunday, July 12, 2009

Climate change: The sun and the oceans do not lie

A devastating article by the heroic Christopher Booker. Here's a sample quote:

We still have a long way to go before that Copenhagen treaty is agreed in December, and with China, India and 128 other countries still demanding trillions of dollars as the price of their co-operation, the prospect of anything but a hopelessly fudged agreement looks slim. But even a compromise could inflict devastating damage on our own economic future – all for a theory now shot so full of holes that its supporters are having to suppress free speech to defend it.


denverthen said...

The 'free speech' reference was a dig at George Monbiot, the champagne socialist, Stowe educated, AGW hysteric who recently advocated shutting down blogs that 'deny' (guard against) alarmism (lies and spin) about climate change.

Given the astonishing amount of personal abuse from shits on the Green lunatic fringe like Mobiot Booker has to put up with, your description of him as 'heroic' is absolutely accurate.

Let's pray that he keeps going and that common sense one day, once more prevails. But this latest suicidal thought disease that the decadent western portion of the human race has caught is particularly virilant, so it could be difficult to cure.

Perhaps it will just have to run its course, despite the anarchic havoc it threatens to wreak on our civilisation. Perhaps this is how the West ends, not with a bang (nuclear war) but with a whimper (lying itself out of existence). Depressing.

Jack Maturin said...

If we ever build the 'B' ark, I'm sure we'll manage to find a place on it for George Monbiot.

And every other useless parasite who reads the Guardian (or did I repeat myself?)