Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The kiss of death - BMW to leave F1

After my bold prediction that BMW would win the Formula One World Championship this year, the Curse of Maturin Towers stepped up. BMW have just announced that they are to withdraw from Formula One, at the end of this season, after an extremely disappointing series of results and after watching their great rivals, Mercedes, win in Hungary at the weekend, while BMW struggled to even get 11th and 13th.

Oh well.

What's worst about this is the extraordinary amount of Belgian beer I have just lost on this announcement.

So, let's hope the Curse of Maturin Towers strikes again, and that my prediction of ten years of stagflation is completely wrong, and that this time next year we'll all be drinking champagne in business class again, turning down work due to overfull diaries, and contemplating which Caribbean island we'll be spending a month on, at Christmas.

Come on Curse, do your work. I'm particularly keen on Barbados.