Thursday, July 09, 2009

Krikkit – Sport of the Gods

Freddie Flintoff? Cricket? Civilisation?


Make mine a cold one? Shakespeare? Jumpers for stumps?


Circular Quay? Mrs Macquarie's Chair? Hunter Valley Chardonnay?


Ponting out LBW? Ashes on the line? Ian Chappell and Geoffrey Boycott?


Five weeks of absolute joy? Pain? Suffering? Misery? Exhilaration? Better than sex? Worse than sex? Better than love? Worse than hatred? The joy of battle?

No worries.

Botham at Headingley? Willis coming down the wicket? Shane Warne at the crease? Agincourt? Crecy? Poitiers? Blenheim? Trafalgar? Waterloo?

A strange dual nation separated by 12,000 miles of mutual hatred, love, and sea?

Very strange indeed.

Ich bin ein Australien.

Ich bin ein Englander.


Make mine a Gin and Tonic. Make it a large one. Keep them coming. Make them cold.

Get my mate the Aussie one, too.


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