Thursday, July 09, 2009

The blood fest goes on

Can anyone tell me the 'official' reason why the British Army is having its soldiers regularly blown up in Afghanistan?

We know the real reason, of course, in that the US wants to bring oil pipelines south out of Central Asia, without having to put them through Russia; but what is the 'official' reason?

Are we there to 'defeat' the Taliban? If we are, then its increasing resurgence since British soldiers were sent in would put paid to that reason.

Are we there to 'defeat' the poppy farmers, and stop the flow of heroin to the west? Well, if we are, then the huge growth in poppy production to pay for the weapons to fight and defeat the western infidel would put paid to that miserable excuse.

Are we there to 'introduce' democracy (at the end of a gun barrel)? Well, it might be nice for all of the apparatchiks and corrupt politicians in Kabul to make millions for their Swiss bank accounts, just as they did when the Russians occupied Kabul, but does anyone really seriously believe that 'democracy' is going to make any intrusion into the heartland of Afghanistan any time soon?

Or are we just there to give British Army generals something to do in their planning sand pits in Camberley, with thin-skinned model cars playing the parts of thin-skinned Land Rovers, in complex pincer movements?

No, the real reason we are there is the first one; to provide indentured satrap auxiliaries to our American imperial masters, while they continue in their quest to isolate Mother Russia and take over the world.

In the meantime, we are losing virtually a man a day now, to the 'destroyed' Taliban, and as occupiers alongside the Americans, we will be raising a level of antipathy within the Afghan population against all things British, which could result in many more suicide bombers in the future, stalking the streets of London with hate in their eyes, especially anyone who has seen their family blown up by American bombs called in by British scouts.

But it doesn't matter how many hellfire missiles are called in, it is now inevitable that we will withdraw, so why don't we just go now and save the lives of our 18-year-old boys in uniform, who are otherwise going to die a long way from home?

If there was an Afghan army here in Britain, occupying us for our own good, I would guess that virtually every red-blooded Englishman I know would be up in the hills, armed to the teeth, fighting back against the invasion.

So why are we so surprised when the Afghans do the same in their own country against our occupying army?

We should get out of their country. We should get out now, to stop this blood fest.

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