Wednesday, July 08, 2009

David Cameron's first priority must be job cuts in the public sector

Sir Simon Huffchester, the resident loose cannon at the Labourgraph, has some excellent ideas for David 'Me Too' Cameron.

Jack Maturin on July 08, 2009 at 10:42 AM

Alas, Sir Simon places too much faith in the same Double-First mandarins at the Treasury who got us into this mess in the first place. Though he does share my own contempt for Cameron's ability to take some hard decisions, such as annoying the 40% of the electorate who depend for their livelihoods upon robbing the rest of us.

But, at least Sir Huffchester recognises the need for some serious figures when dealing with the Turkeys in the British state mafia that bleed the rest of us so very dry, for so very little in return.

Though he only mentions a figure of a 20% cut in government spending. Why so feeble, Sir Huff? If, as you say, even MoD officials are saying that they could cut 25,000 civil servants from the 100,000 strong 'work' force at the Ministry of Defence, without really noticing, why not 25%, 40%, 50%? Even that would only be a start.

We should privatise everything that moves. We should then privatise everything that doesn't move. Everything that's left, we should then privatise. We should keep going until there is nothing left of this monster that so ruins our lives, destroys our freedoms, and robs us until we are blind, often killing our children along the way, as it is currently doing in Afghanistan, or making our security worse, by creating martyrs in places like Afghanistan whose children then dedicate their lives, upon the graves of their slaughtered mothers and fathers, to ruining the lives of anyone bearing a British passport.

The state is a monster. It should be slayed forthwith.

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