Friday, July 10, 2009

Britain's security linked to military operations in Afghanistan, claims Gordon Brown

Death. Death. Death.

That's all we're going to get from Afghanistan. Both of British uniformed teen aged children, and other assorted young British men and women, who joined up in the belief they would defending their country rather than looking after US global power interests. And of local Afghanis, who are being slaughtered from the air by hellfire missiles fired at them by computer game players in Las Vegas.

Brown, obviously, is a regular reader of AngloAustria. After I asked for the 'official' reason why we are there, yesterday, he answered today with a pathetic call to patriotism, the last refuge of the incompetent, saying that Britain is being defended from a front line six thousand miles away on various dusty hillsides in Afghanistan, where the Taliban are starting to increase their kill-rate on the foreign British invader, just like they did with the foreign Russian invader.

Did we learn nothing from the Kremlin's own failed attempt to take out this country? The Russians put a lot more men and equipment into Afghanistan, and were far more ruthless in their prosecution of their Taliban enemy. And yet they were humiliated, leaving with a tail between their paper tiger legs in a retreat which ultimately led to the complete collapse of communist power in Russia itself, the ultimate victory of the Mujaheddin.

Here's part of what slaughterer-in-chief, General Donkey Brown, said in defence of his regime's own attempt to 'Do a Russia':

"Having talked to (US) President (Barack) Obama and the rest of the world leaders, there is a recognition that this is a task the world has got to accept together and this is a task we have got to fulfil."
Well, it's nice to know that Brown is a regular reader of AngloAustria, finally giving us an answer as to why we are in Afghanistan, but let me rewrite that quote to what he was actually thinking:

I spoke to my master the Emperor last night, and he said, "Satrap Brown. If you want to be paid off by the CIA, like your predecessor, then you will keep your auxiliaries in place in the outer marches of my Empire. Although we will not pay you as much as our dear friend Blair, when we replace you next year with 'Me Too' Dave, we will keep open a nice fat job for you in the World Bank or the IMF to move right into. You may also get a rake off of the profits from the oil when we pipe it through Afghanistan down to the coast, from Central Asia. These are the rewards for service to me. You will not want me to describe the alternative. You are dismissed."

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