Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why does anyone vote Labour?

With perhaps the worst government in history, thousands losing their jobs every day, ministers up to their eyeballs in tax-thieving sleaze, and as much bad news for the government as you can shake a backhanded twenty pound note at, why is the British Labour Party still getting 28% support? Surely it should just be down to the thieving Labour MPs by now?

Obo has the answers, over at his place, which links in to an article by Alastair Campbell. You will note the superb second comment on Obo's piece, which has also been posted in a modified form onto Campbell's site, where it is most unlikely to ever see the light of day. But at least it makes me happy knowing one of Campbell's 'expenses' minions has read it! :-)

UPDATE: Hey, one of Campbell's minions posted both mine and Obo's posts. Let's hope I spurred them into it with with my faux challenge. No doubt I'll get accused of being a racist and then they won't publish my response. Though we shall see. What fun! :-)

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