Monday, February 02, 2009

The Misesian Case against Keynes have dusted off a splendid 1992 article from Der HoppeMeister, de-bunking Keynes and once again charting out Lord Peter Mandelson's 'uncharted' waters:

=> The Misesian Case against Keynes



Archie Dean said...


More relevant to your much earlier postings "UK inflation rate rises to 16.6%" & "Politicians discovered to be corrupt shock" really, but curious to know if this little gem that I came across earlier this evening has previously crossed the 'AngloAustria' desk: -

"Bank of England Wants to Debase the Pound in Secret"

refering to an article by Edmund Conway that apparently appeared in the Torygraph of 10th Jan

"For the past 165 years the Bank of England has been obliged to publish a weekly account of its balance sheet. This has at least made its inflationary actions visible and may have deterred it from more extreme abuses of the currency. Now they want to be relieved of this minimal obligation of transparency......"

I found the reference on: -

Does there exist a level below which our 'economic guardians' are not prepared to stoop?

Apologies if you have covered this previously, but I completely missed it - not that that should surprise anybody!


Jack Maturin said...

This was covered very briefly on December 6th, here:

=> What's the REAL inflation rate in the UK?

This post refers to an original article by Guido Fawkes:

=> Something Odd in the Banking Bill

I was put onto this Guido article by Obo the Clown:

=> Government out of control

So that puts Edmund Conway over a month out of date with his "scoop".

D'ya think EVERY journalist in Fleet Street takes their cues from Guido Fawkes?

Or is it just MOST of them? :-)