Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ron Paul: God or merely Higher Being?

I know the above YouTube is on Lew Rockwell, and I could have just placed a link to it there and left it at that. However, this video is so good that I wanted it to appear on the Maturin Towers diary, as a matter of record.

For a hard-core Misesian/Rothbardian/Hoppeian like me, Ron Paul's incredible performance, in the face of a studio full of socialists, is truly emotional. Check it out (and let's hope millions of Bill Maher fans, mostly Democrats, checked it out too).

Why, oh why, oh why, did the Republicans allow themselves to be represented by the idiot, John McCain, when they had this Intellectual Giant standing by? Obama may still have beaten Ron Paul, as Austrianism is a stretch even for a land which labours under the misconception that it is the Home of the Free, but Paul's candidacy would have so undermined Obama as to ensure his power would have been over before the completion of his first term, with a Ron Paul/Peter Schiff ticket ready to take over in 2012 to sort out Obama's gargantuan socialist mess.

With this video, Ron Paul officially moves up to the status of AngloAustrian living hero Nummer Eins. (Es tut mir leid, Herr Professor Hoppe.) Let us hope that this Austrian Giant stays in good enough long-term health to contest the 2012 Presidential nomination, once it all goes so horribly and visibly wrong for Obama (whose 2012 campaign will be based entirely upon the slogan that, "It was all George Bush's fault").

It may not seem much to non-Austrians, but it is performances like this which inspire the rest of us to keep going with our seemingly pointless dedication to the life-long causes of Von Mises; freedom and the complete destruction of tyrannical socialist evil.

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