Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The establishment is going down

AngloAustrian hero, Lew Rockwell, is usually a very reserved man, reminding me personally very much of Just a Minute star, Sir Clement Freud. When Sir Llewellyn himself makes speeches to further his agenda, they are usually very droll, very precise, and very penetrating. But occasionally, oh so occasionally, he lets down his guard and tells you what he's really feeling.

He does this in his latest scintillating speech, available via his 95th podcast.

Sir Llewellyn's audiences are also usually very restrained, in the civilised manner of most Austrian gatherings, but even they were unable to stop themselves breaking into a spontaneous round of applause when they heard what he was really thinking.

Check it out for yourself:

=> 95. Lew Rockwell: Not Losing Your Head

Listen to the whole thing if you want the definitive Austrian prediction about how Obama's first two years will go. The keynote moment comes at 20 minutes and 43 seconds.

We may not have Uncle Murray Rothbard any more, but thank the Lord we still have the Liberal Knight, Sir Llewellyn Rockwell.

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