Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The "Ceauşescu Moment" approaches

Maturin's First Law of politics:

"Always believe the exact opposite of what any politician ever says about anything. Occasionally they do tell the truth, but only by accident."
So let's have a look at the following extract from The Torygraph:

The Prime Minister brushed aside the suggestion that he was tempted to become the "world's financial regulator". He said: "There is no possibility anyway of a job called Global Financial Regulator. I want get on with the job I'm doing."
Let's translate that into English, rather than political gobbledegook:

The Prime Minister wants to become the "world's financial regulator". He said: "There is the possibility of a job called Global Financial Regulator, which I will be trying to engineer at the upcoming G20 conference, which is why I have delayed this year's budget. I want to get this job more than anything else in the world."
It would seem that we are going to be tax-bound with this one-eyed Scottish idiot for far longer than we had hoped, once he takes his trough-seat with the IMF, the World Bank, or the new World Reserve Bank we predicted a couple of weeks back.

It would also seem that Brown has delayed his budget by a month, not just because he has no idea what he's doing, but also because he wants to focus on nailing this escape route together before the entire economy goes nipples up.

I wonder what his excuse will be for getting out of Downing Street early? Health, eyesight, or gross hatred of the entire British population except for the 28% rump of his client state? Whatever it is, at least Ceauşescu had the decency to shuffle off this mortal coil once he knew the game was up.

It would seem that McCavity Mugabe wants to inflict even more of himself upon us, once we have got rid of him, by hiding behind the tax-fed skirts of international government.

Is there no way he can force him to go back to Scotland and stay there, perhaps sweeping the streets of Edinburgh? Would he even be able to do that? I mean, what use is this man? What job would he be able to hold down in the private sector? I wouldn't even hire him to clean my car. He would use too much soap, he would make a right mess of the polishing, he would overcharge me, and then he would smash the windows out of envious socialist spite when I paid him what he was worth.

The man is an utter shower.

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