Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gordon Brown helped fuel banking crisis - FSA head

The end must be close now for Brown, surely, when even his close support vessels are shelling him.

The Iron Chancellor style of Gordon Brown has always been one of Bismarckian intimidation, deliberately trying to overbear everyone else in a room with his banked rows of 16-inch guns. This worked well enough when his bombastic cunning allowed Brown to place himself in a pivotal position of power in relation to all of his rivals, servants, and enemies. However, despite this former ability to sink everyone else in British politics, including the biggest hood of all, Tony Blair, some are now taking their revenge upon Brown for the endless shellings he lumbered them with in the past.

Let us hope that this rudder damage inflicted by the head of the FSA now persuades more of his former creatures to crawl out from the woodwork to do the same, to finally hole this wrecker below the waterline.

Although Maturin Towers believes that the Labour Party possesses such little shame that they would then be prepared to foist a second unelected prime minister upon us, this should only wash for a few weeks, in which time they would leave the market alone to correct itself while this new Admiral Dönitz secured a feeble political base.

Once this next lightweight is tumbled, we can then start working on the blue socialists, to ensure that they too are brow-beaten enough to stop interfering with the necessary recession, to allow it to happen, and to allow all of the malinvestments of the last ten years to be corrected.

Then, at last, we may be able to see some light ahead. At least, that's the plan.

In the meantime, to give us some entertainment in these dark days, we can continue to enjoy the spectacle of this ongoing torpedoing of Reichsführer SS Gordon Brown.

In the name of everything that's holy, let us hope that he cracks soon and that we can then drop this dreadful pilot of fiscal insanity.

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