Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another crook caught with both slimy hands in the till

What can you say? When the Home Secretary herself is caught thieving from the taxpayer for all she is worth, then you know that you are living in la-la land.

In some ways, however, I do rather pathetically feel sorry for Jacqui Smith. She is such a talentless sack of offal, a real two-bagger, that she can't possibly have expected to become a Cabinet Minister.

She would have been fine on the backbenches helping herself to an endless stream of expenses and then getting herself kicked upstairs into the House of Lords to continue the merry thieving scam of keeping her snout jammed firmly in the trough.

But to be thrust into the limelight of senior government, due to an absolute dearth of talent on Labour's boneheaded polytechnic lecturer back benches, must have been quite a shock. She could hardly say 'No'. I bet she wishes she had though.

Prediction: I think this goose is cooked. Her only hope for hanging on must be the same force which got her there; i.e. the absolute desperation of the Labour Party to find anyone fit to sit in a British Cabinet. If she does go (and Maturin Towers rates that as a 75% buy) then we will all once again have to bow our heads and hail the mighty Guido Fawkes, who really ought to re-name himself the Grim Reaper.

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