Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Victorian Bushfires: How Environmentalism Leads to Disaster

As predicted, eco-mentalists have tried to blame anthropogenic global warming for the Australian bush fires, without pointing out the usual elephant in the room; that environmental controls on removing dried-out scrub were largely responsible for the devastatingly rapid spread of the fires:

=> The Victorian Bushfires: How Environmentalism Leads to Disaster

You may also have seen some BBC reports recently where government-funded eco-mentalists have been banging on about how certain parts of Antarctica have been 'warming up'. What you will never see on the BBC, of course, are stories about how the Antarctic has been cooling down for the last 35 years.

I may also have missed the piece on the BBC which covered the fact that the recent British winter was one of the coldest for years.

Obviously none of this proves anything. It is the view of Maturin Towers that trying to predict future weather patterns on Earth is like trying to predict how many leaves will fall off a tree, with the sole exception being that we are currently within a volatile inter-glacial period and that the next Ice Age will eventually arrive at some point in the next 100,000 years.

There are just too many variables to worry about. We should therefore just get on with managing whatever weather cards are dealt to us by nature; which is best done by the self-adjusting free market, of course. (In the same way that the self-adjusting process of evolution works best at delivering the necessary species diversification required to cope with continuous environmental change.)

The biggest weather factor, of course, is the difficult-to-predict temperature oscillation of the Sun, and how this may be linked in to recurrent Ice Ages. Given the past, we will at some point almost inevitably head into another Ice Age, when the current inter-glacial period ends, hence my prediction above.

However, researching this area interests very few scientists, especially those of the eco-mentalist variety, because there's very little government money available to study it due to its lack of an end-result driver excuse to tax the rest of us. Though what little research there is on this subject, is very interesting:

=> Solar Resonant Diffusion Waves as a Driver of Terrestrial Climate Change

=> Sun's fickle heart may leave us cold

And don't give me any of that nonsense about how carbon dioxide levels have been linked with global temperature rises. The evidence for this is very patchy, and even if true, may have got it entirely the wrong way about.

Just as the west has prospered despite government growth over the last 200 years, rather than having prospered because of government growth, the following two cases may follow a similar pattern:

(1) World temperature goes up because carbon dioxide levels go up

(2) Levels of carbon dioxide go up because the world temperature goes up

Which is it? Virtually all eco-mentalists go for option (1). In fact, most eco-mentalists have never considered, even for a moment, that option (2) may be a distinct possibility and that the entire 'carbon dioxide' scare is nothing more than a complete cart-before-horse confusion.

The world's oceans hold more carbon dioxide when they are cooler. (Just think about shaking a coke can, straight from the fridge.) Therefore if the sun ever gets warmer in one of its known oscillation cycles, the world's oceans get warmer and release more carbon dioxide. When the sun cools down again, the oceans get cooler and soak up more carbon dioxide again. This is a known fact and the relationship could be as simple as that.

This relationship would also explain why some periods of the Earth's history, particularly in more volcanic times, grew cooler, despite massive increases in carbon dioxide. The explanation is that carbon dioxide has very little causal effect of global warming, however, it is a consequence of global warming caused by other sources (such as the temperature of the Sun increasing due to internal oscillation).

Please write in and tell me if you've ever seen a BBC documentary, from before about 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, which has ever discussed this?

I won't hold my breath.

All the world's communists had to switch their religion on that fateful day. Fortunately, they could move straight across to environmentalism without really passing Go. How very co-incidental that the rise of environmentalism has been exponential since that point.

How very co-incidental indeed.

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