Monday, February 23, 2009

How long before Germany leaves the Euro?

Not long, possibly. At least according to Ambrose:

=> Will Germany deliver on the Faustian bargain that created monetary union?

In the meantime, do what all sensible Germans do*. Only accept Euro cash marked as originating in Germany. Or get out into gold**, before we see the re-emergence of the Deutschmark.

Just in case! :-)

Uncle Gary has an even more disturbing*** report than Ambrose, here:

=> The Looming Collapse of European Banking

*German citizens are told by the German government that this is stupid behaviour. Following Maturin Tower's First Law of politics, what's the betting that if the German government does back out of the Euro, that's its first act will be to declare that it will only accept German-denominated Euros in exchange for the new Deutschmark? The odds on this are so low as to be laughable; hence, why sensible Germans, of whom there are many, only accept German Euros.

**Wouldn't it be nice if we saw the emergence of a Gold Deutschmark, as a mark of civilisation from the culture which gave us Mozart, Mises, Hoppe, and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

***God bless Uncle Gary North. He's the only man alive who makes me look cheery and optimistic! :-)

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