Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bank of England decreases interest rate to minus 15.45%

Yes, that's right. The Bank of England today reduced interest rates to an eye watering -15.45% below zero.

With the Bank of England deliberately inflating M4 to 16.6% and also dictating an artificial pound sterling interest rate of 1%, if you left any money with them, this time next year it will be worth 15.45% less than it is now.

With M4 set to go even higher, and with interest rates probably going to zero, we will soon start seeing everyone trying to get rid of cash by buying anything else that has real value, to further wreck the capital structure of the British economy. Unless a brake is applied to this madness real soon, we are heading towards stagflationary hell or even out-of-control hyperinflation.

We are ruled by lunatics who are deliberately destroying the value of every pound in your pocket and your pension, to steal that wealth from you so they can buy your vote at the next election.

Short pounds. Buy gold.


David Farrer said...

Outrageous isn't it?

But about that buying my vote business...

My own MP is a certain Alistair Darling. I plan to wait until just before the next election and see who's most likely to beat him. God help me, I may even end up voting for the illiberal democrats.

Jack Maturin said...

Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us a none-of-the-above option, and if this got 50% +1, then nobody got 'returned' to Parliament?

There would probably only be three MPs left! :-)

(One dead, one a lunatic, and one a mass murderer)

And speaking of Burns Night, some Scottish relative bugger of mine made me read out some poem about a haggis reeking in the neet ... or some such ... while he stabbed the poor beast with a ridiculously sharp knife.

Dear God. I'm never drinking whisky again. It's taken me nearly two weeks to get over it.

Crikey. No wonder everyone in Scotland has either been in the SAS or the KGB.

Let us hope that this means that they know what to do with the Lord Sauron, a.k.a. Alistair Darling, when you boot this odious cardboard cut-out into the Firth of Forth, along with his master, Morgoth Brown.

Oh how I'll weep if Brown himself loses his own seat, at the next election. With tears of joy.

(And yes, I know it'll make not a blind bit of difference, because it is the system which is the problem, not the men who move within it.)

David Farrer said...

Crikey. No wonder everyone in Scotland has either been in the SAS or the KGB.

Never been in the KGB but I used to ogle at the SAS girls at Prestwick Airport in my youth...