Sunday, May 04, 2008

Heat being turned up on global warming fanatics

Another excellent article by Christopher Booker on the sham that is Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

Watch the web for climate change truths

Let us pray that the tide is finally turning and that all of the AGW human-haters can now start crawling back into their recycled communist-nazi holes. Though no doubt once they're back in there, they will start cooking up yet another way to kill the rest of us; well, everyone has to have a hobby.

UPDATE: I've got to go out today in my 4x4 to help set up a May day charity fayre, so I would urge any AGW readers to comment on the Telegraph article pages, if they fancy a debate with anyone. I'll try to rejoin you there later, if I get a moment from my pallet hauling activities because, alas, Telegraph comment trolling is my own particular hobby.


John East said...

“I've got to go out today in my 4x4 to help set up a May day charity fayre…..”

Be careful, a May day charity fayre attracts the types who might slash your tyres.

I’m taking my 4x4 to Cornwall in the last week of this month. 450 miles round trip at 18mpg. I doubt the planet will make it into June.

Incidentally, I don’t consider myself an anthropocentric global warming denier. I am simply undecided, but I do not accept that the destruction of life as we know it in the West with the effective transfer of all our wealth to Asia is the solution even if global warming is happening.

What I am sure about is I don’t like liberal wishy washy bed wetters telling me what I can and cannot do, hence my reluctance to go along with anything they say.

Jack Maturin said...

> I am simply undecided

Which is an excellent Popperian position to take. And then when the AGW crowd actually start making some scientific predictions which could actually be falsified, we'll finally be able to test their theories to destruction.

At the moment, it is simply impossible to test any of their theories and falsify them, because AGW ideas point to every possible eventuality.

For instance, I was going to entitle this diary posting "Global warming to cause next ice age", in a hilarious attempt at irony, but just do a search for that on the Interweb. There are hundreds of ecomentalist pages actually predicting this very thing! The same crowd also predict desertification, increased rainfall, more snow, less snow, whatever you like, and all caused by AGW. It's like being trapped in a Kafka novel.

Personally, I am decided on the issue of AGW, that until it makes predictions, based on theory, that have at least the potential to be falsified, then it is absolute religoid poppycock. I'm actually with George Reisman. We're currently in an inter-glacial, and probably headed into the next ice age, at least on a geological time scale. All the rest is just background volatility.

That environmentalism has also become a world force in the last twenty years, and that world communism (outside China) collapsed as a world force about twenty years ago, is not, I believe, entirely uncoincidetal, either. The anti-capitalists have a pre-determined verdict, that "all problems everywhere and in all times" are caused by the criminality of capitalism. The current religion they follow to therefore destroy capitalism (eg. Nazism, communism, environmentalism), is almost immaterial. So long as they're "sticking it to the man", they're happy, which -ism they're currently following this decade is merely a matter of fashion. And as you say, all of their solutions involve an inner party of ecomentalist/socialist "Gods" ordering the rest of us plebs around, and I will simply not tolerate this attempted tyranny either.

I wouldn't even rule out AGW, if they would make it a science rather than a religious set of beliefs, and if falsification tests actually demonstrated it truly was a problem. Though if that were to prove the case, I would then immediately move into the Bjørn Lomborg camp of skeptical environmentalism and posit that it's better to take the hit of a degree or two of heating over a century, rather than deliberately causing the starvation of millions and the retardation of industrial technology, just the satisfy the whims of the sorts of people who go around slashing the tyres of other people's 4x4 cars.

It's all pretty much immaterial anyway. Solar panel technology is becoming twice as efficient every couple of years, and within 20years I predict we will have close to a majority share of electricity production coming from the photo-voltaic cell, certainly in the domestic sector. And with a couple of Saharan or Arabian countries then laying out a few square thousand miles of such cells out over their otherwise useless deserts, we will then have all the hydgrogen we need to power our fuel-cell powered cars, and hopefully, maybe within 50 years, flying cars for everyone too, powered with a combination of hydrogen and sunlight.

The future is indeed very bright, I reckon. I just wish all of these prissy-minded idiot ecomentalists would get out of the way and let us get to it.

John East said...

"The future is indeed very bright...."

An excellent sentiment, much better than doom and gloom. I'll work on it.