Monday, May 05, 2008

Global warming deniers - It's time to come out of the closet

Unlike the ecomentalist fanatics who plague our planet, I usually only spend about thirteen nanoseconds a day thinking about environmentalism; the rest of the time I waste on living. So having been forewarned that I may get hit by an army of ecomentalist trolls, who spend every breathing moment obsessing about their religion, I thought I better get some ammunition in to fire back at them when they try to hit me with the appalling pollutive rubbish Stephen Schneider et al have been pumping into the metasphere over the last thirty years.

If you too are hiding your global warming denier status under a bushel, for fear of the unpleasantness of being attacked by these ravening hordes of mindless 'Anthropogenic Global Warming' trolls, and want to fight back because you too think it's all a load of old cobbolds, then fear ye not, for AngloAustria is here. Work your way through the following articles below to immunize yourself against all of their total utter nonsense. Many of the pieces are by Uncle George Reisman, which is an absolute godsend because of his high academic standard, but there's plenty of other good stuff in this list too. Enjoy:

A Word to Environmentalists
The Nature of Environmentalism
The Green Recession
Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh
The Environmentalists Are Trying To Frighten the Natives
Standards of Environmental Good and Evil: Why Environmentalism Is Misanthropic
Two Ice Ages, With Up to 16 Times the Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere
Britain’s Stern Review on Global Warming: It Could Be Environmentalism’s Swan Song
Green Idiocracy

And if all of that lot doesn't inoculate you from the madness, then hop on over to Greenie Watch, which although sometimes a little less academic than the stuff above, is still lots of fun. I bet the Greenies just hate it! Just like they hate most other things, especially anyone enjoying themselves, the poor misbegotten hair-shirted self-flagellating buggers.

I must say though that in many ways it was a good thing that one of the self-appointed chief bees from the AGW hive threatened me with his liccle army of worker trolls the other day, because without this stimulus I would have missed out on all of the above and in particular, I would never have otherwise come across Greenie Watch, which from now on will be part of my regular viewing schedule. So thanks, wadard, you made my day. Next time I fly down to Sydney, be sure to look me up in the Four Seasons hotel down at circular quay; they do a cracking steak and chips, which is worth flying 24,000 miles for just to taste the basil sauce.

(Apparently, because I'm an AGW denier, I must automatically be part of the evil fossil-fuel funded global conspiracy, natch. Well, if anyone out there in the evil fossil-fuel funded industry would like to take some time out from making money on the carbon quotas derivatives market to send me a large cheque, or even a small one, please get in touch. With a recession looming here in England, caused by a combination of socialist central bank planners and ecomentalist regulators, I could do with the bunce.)

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