Saturday, April 12, 2008

We all have to have a hobby

Mine is writing pointless comments under Daily Telegraph articles. Here's the latest article I've wasted my time posting under: The gravy train powers on - paid for by me. Did you really think I could resist a splendid article title like that? ;-)

Here's the comment, in all its mellifluous glory:
How about we ask everyone who works for the state to take an immediate six month leave of absence? If any of the rest of us notice that they're no longer working, within this six month period, plus that our lives are worse off as a result, then they can come back to work - they are all, of course, supposed to be there for our benefit. We then sack the other 85% and use the saved money to pay for them to do something useful in the private sector.
Posted by Jack Maturin on April 12, 2008 1:24 PM
If it's read by just one useless Marxoid state drone, causing them inner fury, it will have been worth the mental bit space. Pip pip!!

UPDATE: I couldn't resist it. Some tax parasite on the same thread banged on about how public sector workers pay tax. I therefore had no choice but to fire this missive:
I think Jamie 10:30 is getting a little confused about public sector workers paying any form of tax. The way to spot it is to ask the following question: If everybody stopped paying taxes of any kind tomorrow, what would the subsequent gross wages be for any full-time public sector worker? If your answer is anything above nothing, you need to think it through again and ask yourself where any state wages would come from. This accounting sleight of hand, where state workers pay nominal amounts of tax, is a really clever way of fooling the rest of us that state workers do actually pay tax. If I wasn't being robbed in the process, I would have to admire its subtlety, where even people who should know better, such as senior civil servants, swan around under the erroneous assumption that they too are taxpayers. Unconsciously however I think most state workers know they don't pay any tax. That's why they're always clamouring for the rest of us to pay more. A tax rise for the private sector is nothing more than a wage rise for the public sector. No wonder state workers are so happy to vote for tax-raising political parties. Voting for other people's money to be painlessly stolen from others and then handed to you has been a sure-fire vote winner since Roman times.
Posted by Jack Maturin on April 12, 2008 4:06 PM
Just why do we post these comments to newspaper threads? What compulsion is it? I suppose we may be under the illusory spell of thinking that the 'great published writer' who wrote the original piece may be spending their entire time reading these comment threads to be overwhelmed with the logic of our wise positions, rather than drinking heavily in a London saloon bar trying to think up the next 2,000 words. Personally, I just love causing cognitive dissonance in the odd Marxist and potentially tipping a miniscule percentage of this tiny fraction towards the ideas of freedom, by spinning awkward ideas in their minds. Well okay, I might not be George Orwell, but I do like to keep the Austrian aspidistra flying.


Gekko said...

Good question on why we post. I've done so several times if only to vent and bait some of the lefties who lurk on the comment pages of the DT but sadly I feel it does little good. It would be nice to think that it might fire off a couple of underused neurons in the brain of a public sector work that sets them on a path to eventual enlightenment but I'm not holding my breath - the ideas of parasitism (and that it is a moral good) are too deeply ingrained in them. For instance I once tried to explain to a friend of mine that his job in the justice dept here in NZ meant that he was little more than a beneficiary and that which side of the govt desk he sat on was largely irrelevant. We subsequently don't talk much these days. ;-)

Your posts were good though, and I love the way it seems to utterly confuse the marxoids. Especially that idiot David Welch:

"If private workers choose to blow away their extra income in extravagant living and private education, that does not mean that the rest of us should come to their aid, when they retire."

It just drips with envy and jealousy. Extravagent living? Private education? How very DARE we. He also gives the game away about where *his* income comes from by talking about the excesses of the private sector and how the rest of US are expected to come to THEIR aid. Get a real productive job you theiving parasitical maggot!

And this line?
" But people who have been given unfairly high salaries for the work they do should stop bleating about others being paid their wages only on retiring."
Unfairly high salaries? Perhaps we should send him some Mises on the calculation problem so he may understand why he is NOT better placed to decide upon the fairness or otherwise of economic transactions than those undertaking them.

Hell they make my blood boil. It's Sunday morning here in he socialist nirvana of NZ and I'm already riled before my second cup of Darjeeling. Gahhh!!!

Jack Maturin said...

Yes, it's odd how they all seem to have got it completely the wrong way round. Public servants are supposed to exist for one reason only, and that is to serve the rest of us. That is WHY they are called public servants. If they don't benefit us, then they should be sacked. Yes, the mechanism for judging whether they serve us well, Parliament, is completely broken, so there are umpteen legions more of them than we need, and they are now the masters because they control 51% of the democratic vote, but they all appear to have forgotten this basic point of public service. We in the private sector, it appears, are now expected to serve THEM with wages, jobs, security, comfortable think pod work palaces, pensions, holidays, and all the rest, for doing not much except complaining that we don't pay them enough. So instead of benefitting the rest of us, they're now all working down the benefits office in their think pods with their feet up, working out ways of how to skive off and retire early due to stress. We're even expected to supply them with eco-towns, so they can play eco-warrior all day in their job at the government environment eco-tax agency, and then all evening in their wind-powered triple-glazed subsidy magnet homes. Oh well. Let's just hope that the forthcoming recession sees a whole swathe of them tossed out of the flea pit and made to find useful work to do. And if people like Ron Paul and Bob Barr can continue with their good work in the United States, plus Professor Hoppe, one day we may even be free of all them to the point where they actually have to ASK us whether we want to pay them for their "services". Oh sweet glorious day that will be. I hope my grand-children live to see it.