Friday, May 16, 2008

The right stuff

Thank you God, for giving us the Swiss, perhaps the finest nation in Europe.

In these times of endless pontification and self-introspection, in a society gradually collapsing into a one-state world of chaos and confusion, what we need are heroes who have the bravery and the vision to light up the future with what they believe is possible.

In Maturin World, we will all fly safely to work in either flying cars or with Buzz Lightyear jet packs on our backs. But some Atlas always needs to be the first one to take a step out of the cave of fear and actually do this. So congratulations to Yves Rossy, a true modern day hero, and for one, I will try to be there when you fly over the channel. We have need of more like you.

Ausgezeichnet und Fantastisch, as we cod-German speakers say!

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