Thursday, May 08, 2008

The death-heads couldn't take it

Despite quite clearly being the perfect example of an unfalsifiable hypothesis, it would seem someone couldn't handle my Wikipedia addition of 'Global Warming' to the page on falsification. Oh dear, poor loves.

They couldn't even edit it. They just had to delete it. Oh well, if you destroy the truth it will go away forever. Apparently.

Well, when I get bored or the numbers of these hive drones overwhelm me, they'll probably get their way, but for now, let's add it again, and see how long it takes this time before the moronic death-heads of environmentalism remove it, once again proving that they can't stand the truth or even have the intellectual strength to suffer just a single person doubting them.


UPDATE: It would appear I was perhaps a little heavy-handed in my comments above, for which I must apologize. What really happened was that because of my lack of knowledge of the Wikipedia paradigm, I had rather unfortunately failed to obey about 9 of the their 10 central editing commandments. Thus chastised, and having gained a Wikipedia login and having signed up to the 10 commandments, I tried repeatedly to update the piece, and in a Marxian dialectic the piece has thus been whittled down to three magnificent lines, which appear to be tolerable to the gathered Wiki crowd. OK, so it's not what I would have wanted, but at least it's still on the page, albeit in reduced form, and it isn't being mauled any more. Crikey, those Wiki people have created a heck of thing. Now that I'm partially involved with it, I'm even more amazed than I used to be. I still think their 'Falsifiability' page needs more on Global Warming, and I'm rather suspicious as to the motives of those I was involved with in this dialectical struggle, but I can tolerate the compromise.

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