Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Socialism is magic

Poof! Just when you thought Gordon Brown was finished, he waved a magic credit card and lo, £2.7 billion pounds appeared, as if from nowhere. Why don't they just do this all the time?

So thanks Gordon, for once again crowding out the private sector in a recession with yet another bond issue and heaping the coupon payments onto me in the near-term future, plus the principal payment onto my children.

I suppose the desperation of this move, which hammers upon the door of Brown's own fiscal borrowing 'rules', shows us how close we are to being rid of this marxoid cretin, but once again when faced with the clear choice of either cutting government spending and upsetting his parasite friends or hammering the tax creators yet again, he chose to lump this debt onto the tax creator class.

I think the BBC worked out last night, with generously elasticated figures, that Brown now has the financial manoeuvring room of £100 million pounds in the next fiscal year, which is about the photocopying bill for the average useless quango. Expect this expansive limit to be broken within days, certainly weeks, as the central bank induced recession, as noted by Caroline Flint, comes racing home.

It must be nice to have a billion dollar credit card up your sleeve, in case of emergency. Well, Brown doesn't have to pay the bills when they come due, does he? That's my job, as a tax serf.


Gekko said...

Sigh - it really is all too depressing for words isn't it. :-(

We have our own problems of state insanity with carbophobia reaching epic proportions down here in the risibly nicknamed "Clean Green":

"The cost, for farmers and industry alike, is likely to be prohibitive. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, an independent consulting firm, recently estimated that the government's plan would result in 22,000 job losses by 2012, or 1% of today's employment. That translates into NZ$4.6 billion ($3.6 billion) annually in lost GDP, or a NZ$3,000 cut in each household's annual spending.

This analysis assumes that as greenhouse gas fees make Kiwi industry less competitive globally, businesses and jobs will move overseas. The government disputes this conclusion, mainly because its own analyses assume New Zealanders will be willing to take lower wages. That's debateable, to say the least.

That aside, give the Kiwis credit for honesty. Having signed up for Kyoto, they're actually talking about shouldering the costs of meeting their commitments. Whether or not they end up regretting it, other countries will now have a chance to see what the anticarbon crusade does to an economy."

I like the money shot at the end - is there really any doubt whatsoever as to the effects of carbon-lunacy on a small economy already writhing in agony after 9 years of previous socialist scheming and manipulation?

As an expat who is now seriously thinking of becoming an ex-pat ex-pat and moving on to better political climes for my own sanity I have to ask: *are* there any?

Of course having to detach myself from the withered socialist nipple of Dear Leader Aunty Helen will mean that the ancap population of NZ will halve. ;-) Ah well, the randroids here will be happy.

The world appears to have gone potty.

Jack Maturin said...

My only crumb of comfort to offer is that it's still a lot better now than it was here in Britain in the 1970s, with some investment taxes over 100%!

Yes, the world has gone mad. However (and here I'm angling desperately), I think this may be because it has been able to afford to go mad, because of all the easy credit. I.e. when you see your income growing, you feel able to bung a little bit towards your favourite religion, charity, or political group. As long as the champagne is flowing, the champagne socialists feel able to let a little spray hit the deck.

However, now we are entering times when people are seeing their incomes shrink, their spending powers decline, with yet more taxes on the horizon; I think opinions may change and the charitable contributions to religious ecomentalism may get dropped.

Socialism is a party that only works when a previous period of freedom has stocked the drinks cupboard. Now that the cupboard is once again bare, freedom may become popular again.

My advice is stay in New Zealand, keep the Ancap population at its massive height (there are about 15 of us here in the UK), and fight the good fight against the statist Randians.

Where else is there to go? When you find out, let me know.

I suppose there's that island on 'Lost'? It's either that or one of the Hoppeian islands of property rights; Dubai, Singapore, Monaco, Andorra, Lichtenstein, et al.

Good luck.