Thursday, April 08, 2010

BIS: 27% of UK GDP to be interest payments on government debt, by 2040

I'll write that again, in long-hand:
"The Bank of International Settlements (the central bankers' bank) thinks that if the British government continues with its current policies, then by 2040 simply paying off the interest payments on government debt will swallow 27% of the country's entire productive output."
Think about that for a minute.

The British government currently swallows 52% of the country's productive output, and then wastes it on ordure like the British Potato Council. If things continue as they are, then in 30 years' time, if that swallow rate was to remain the same, then more than half of all taxes would be disappearing immediately into debt interest payments. This presumably doesn't even cover paying off the principal debt sums involved.

So here's the story. Gordon Brown is currently borrowing money from India so he can then fund aid programmes to India to give them this money back as a gift from the British taxpayer. He is then taxing the British people to pay interest to India for the initial sum loaned, and will eventually pay India back their initial loan principals with money once again taken by force from the British taxpayer.

And the benefit to the British taxpayer in this money-go-round is what, exactly?

But here's the best bit. Gordon Brown wants us to expand this process to the point where half of all the money he takes from us at gunpoint will be used simply to pay off the interest on these loans, so that he can keep sustaining all three of these cash flows to India, of the aid, the interest, and the loan sums.

And Gordon Brown claims to be an economic genius?

If we vote this idiot back in again, we really will deserve him.

And here's the best bit. Because of the millstone of democracy, half of the people voting in the forthcoming general election depend for a large part of their incomes on the British state's taxation income. Virtually all of them will be tempted to vote for Gordon Brown because he is promising to rob the private sector even more, and borrow even more, to ensure that they don't need to suffer from the inconvenience of recession. What motivates many of these tax-eating parasites is the state pensions they will receive, if they go through the motions of turning up to 'work' every day, for thirty years or so.

But here's the rub. In thirty years, if the British government still actually exists, and if it hasn't completely destroyed the productive sector in Britain, then more than half of its income will be sucked off into a black hole of debt repayment.

With so many tax parasites by then claiming their pensions, the other half will be soaked up in 'fulfilling' these pension rights.

So the question these tax parasites have to ask is this: Do they really think that the small remnant of people left in Britain who actually pay taxes will be prepared to hand over half their incomes, on a regular basis, for absolutely nothing in return, with all taxes being used to pay either debt interest or state pensions? There'll be nothing left for schools, hospitals, roads, police, fire services, or any of the other sops the government uses as a miserable excuse for bleeding the rest of us dry.

Long before that point is reached, the printing presses will have been run into overdrive, the productive will have left to better climes elsewhere, and there'll be nothing left in this country except grasping tax eaters with no-one to eat tax from. The black hole will have imploded.

Ah, socialism. The happy country for fools.

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