Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to waste your life - Get a security job at Heathrow

Just picked out at Heathrow for 'random' body scan by condescending moron

It must be the profiling they use

The following message is written too clearly all over my face

"You are a worthless parasitical moron and I would rather work in MacDonalds and clean the toilets with my Tongue than do your miserable useless fuckwit non-job"

I really must have a word with my face

It's giving far too much away

Fortunately, client shelling out for civilised class, so drowning sorrows with large G&T in George Clooney lounge

Looking forward to having Singapore Sling in Singapore


Terrified though about breaking through dense ash cloud

I can't see it from the lounge, but I'm still terrified, all the same

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Unknown said...

Jammy sod, I love Singapore. Have a sling for me.

Jack Maturin said...

Bit bloody warm, mate.

Still, much better than crappy England.