Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brown restrained by aides from throwing Nokia at voter

Only kidding. But by how much?

It appears the desperate Labour party apparatchiks surrounding Gordon Brown thought things were so bad after man-handling the 'Clunking Fist' from one safe house to another for three weeks, that they had to risk him actually meeting real people.

Despite the first one he met being a stalwart Labour party voter, she had the temerity to disagree with 'The Great Teacher'. Therefore, he labelled her as being a bigot.


UPDATE: Watch this, the 'Great Clunking Fist' in action. (What a charmer.)

UPDATE II: Gordon Brown falls apart in front of our eyes. And don't you go feeling sorry for this ugly one-eyed socialist bastard. He's been screwing us all for 13 years and he deserves tarring and feathering and having his pension cut to nothing, plus twenty years breaking rocks and digging graves in Afghanistan, before we should be done with this Klutz. Oh, and lots more things too graphic to mention here:

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