Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cameron wins debate

Cameron bang on, tonight. And thank goodness he finally nailed Brown on that £6 billion question:

Score: 8/10

Clegg close second, but too smarmy, and exposed well by Cameron on a few rotting skeletons:

Score: 7/10

Brown awful (even for Brown) - Appalling human being, with a fake smile, who simply refuses to take responsibility for 13 years of being in power. I would have guessed beforehand he would get two out of ten, but he was even worse than that. Horrible, horrible, horrible man. I hope Mrs Duffy is over the 40 minutes he inflicted himself on her yesterday afternoon:

Score: 1/10


Andrew said...

Clegg over reached tonight I think.

He tried too hard to be the 'voice of reason' between Brown and Cameron. How many times, with outstretched arms, did he say 'there they go again with political point scoring'?


I agree that Cameron landed a few blows on Clegg, immigration especially. Honest Nick in the same breath denies the Lib Dems are advocating an amnesty and then goes on to advocate something that sounds very much like an amnesty. They don't call it an amnesty which of course means it isn't.

Gordon...well I think you have said it all.

Jack Maturin said...

I liked the Sun headline, this morning:

Brown Toast

DP said...

I think you were at least 3 "horribles" short of an accurate portrayal, Jack.

Jack Maturin said...

Sorry, DP. Won't happen again.