Friday, April 30, 2010

Will you be up for the castration of Balls?

The Tories are hoping to decapitate Ed Balls, next week, in his West Yorkshire Morley constituency, which has been gerrymandered especially for him to give him a 10,000 majority - but is 10,000 enough? (Ed Balls doesn't actually know where Morley is. His tax-fed driver takes him there and it's a great basis for his expenses claims, but aside from that it could be anywhere in the grim North.)

The hated Ed Balls, the most repellent Labour MP after Gordon Brown himself, is the man most want to see lose his seat next week. I'll certainly be 'Up for Balls Being Squeezed'.

If he does go down, and if you're up too, those faint cheers you'll be able to hear in the background will be drifting in on the breeze from Henley On Thames.



Anonymous said...

As I recall Balls was Brown's closest economic policy adviser when Brown was Chancellor. Hes a cheap pathetic populist come demagogue whose departure from Parliament cant come too soon for me. I hope his wife sails off into the sunset with him aswell - a dreadful woman who, judged by her performances on countless TV/Radio news progammes, seems to have no understanding of economic policy matters despite having a job at the Treasury.

Jack Maturin said...

Before they let you into the Treasury building, you have to have what little common sense and understanding you have about economics scooped out of your brain with a plastic spoon.

Yes, dear charming Yvette.

Can you imagine waking up next to that?