Friday, April 23, 2010

Ash Cloud Survivor!

We broke through the ash cloud over Britain, on the first plane back to Singapore, and survived!


And it was only five times worse than when they banned all flights last week. But still within the new 10x limit.

Have drank a beer in Harry's Bar by the Riverfront, exactly at the spot where there's a plaque commemorating the legendary drinking stool of Nick Leeson.

Haven't had a Sling yet.

Saving that up for Sunday night in China Town.

You can get soaked to the skin in 1 second of rain, By Gad, if your shirt isn't already soaking from the humidity.

Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

Yes, I know Singapore is deadly dull. But I like it. Reminds me of Sydney a bit, crossed with Vancouver, crossed with somewhere very humid. And somewhere very dull. Love the cosmopolitaness.

But given this city state or the city state of Abu Dhabi, I think Singapore wins hands down.

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