Sunday, January 17, 2010

Schiff Report: Sunday round-up

I've been busy recently preparing for a trip to Nigeria (oh yes), so I've been missing out on my usual Peter Schiff video blog fixes. Three at once is quite a rush:

Schiff For Senate Money Bomb Jan. 17th 2010
Posted January 10th
Peter Schiff's new Democratic opponent, Richard Blumenthal, will prove a tougher barnacle to dislodge than Chris Dodd merely because he hasn't been a crook in Washington yet. Here, the SchiffMeister examines Chris Dodd's record and puts forward his own credentials about why he should be elected instead of Blumenthal. (WARNING: British viewers' toes may curl when they hear the cheesy music. However, it seems all American political advertising must use the same Hollywood Blockbuster theme, and let's face it, just three seconds of Gordon Brown over here is enough to make you reach for your shotgun to blow your TV screen out, never mind make your toes curl - if the state, in its ultimate wisdom, has allowed a mere prole like you to actually have a shotgun, that is.):

(Look at those smiles on the faces of the parasites above. You wonder how long it is since any of them ever worried about where the next meal was coming from, or ever did anything someone else voluntarily paid for with their own honestly-earned money, with so many taxpayers to feast upon instead.)

Schiff for Senate & Jan 17th Money Bomb
Posted January 13th
The Duke speaks again about the money bomb due today (Sunday, the 17th of Jan). He also lets people know he has fixed his phone-banking software to let people make unlimited phone calls every day, to help his campaign. To finish off the piece, he wonders out loud about why the other Republican candidates in the contest are beginning to make pronouncements similar to his own line of thinking:

The Lunacy of Government
Posted January 14th
And my favourite, where the Duke gets back to declaring that the Emperors of the State are wearing no clothes. Best of the three:

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