Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Murray Rothbard Lecture Series: Introduction to Economics

Mises.org have created a new ITunes University channel, here:

=> http://itunesu.mises.org

After taking a perusal, I found an introductory course to economics, by Uncle Murray himself, recorded on a Toronto student's tape recorder back in 1983. I haven't even listened to it myself yet, but I'm sure it will be much more than excellent.

Well done that man (or woman), who unearthed these rare diamond gems:

Here's a link to the first lecture on Mises.org:

=> http://mises.org/media/4454

Here are links to the 7 MP3 lectures, in sequence:

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-1.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-2.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-3.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-4.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-5.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-6.mp3

=> http://mises.org/multimedia/mp3/rothbard/Seminar1983/Rothbard-7.mp3

Here's the RSS Feed page, where the technorati can feed their iPod with these lectures (along with many other Rothbard classics):

=> http://mises.org/Feeds/media.ashx?AuthorId=299

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