Thursday, January 14, 2010

Men with snow on their boots: Batten down the hatches

You know all that stuff we used to be taught in the 1970s and 1980s about being in a warm interglacial, with a one hundred thousand year Ice Age awaitin' around the corner to snag us?

Well, the Russians are still taught it. And some of them think that time is up for the 12,000 year interglacial party:

=> Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age

Yes folks, the men with snow on their boots think that it's time to get even bigger snow shovels in.

No doubt this is all part of some ghastly Russian plot to take over the world. Or is it just because they have failed to succumb to the green religion of the western liberals? After all, as people who have witnessed some of the worst excesses of socialism in the last one hundred years, perhaps they're better at detecting communoid nonsense than those of us in the West who still burn carbon-dioxide-producing candles for the memory of Karl Marx.

No doubt, time shall tell. In the meantime, I'm just wondering if the police in Henley have re-opened Greys Road - closed due to 'treacherous' snow yesterday - so that I can get to the shops to buy some more thermal clothing.

I must say, why doesn't this treacherous snow know that we're on an ever-accelerating upward curve into hot desert-like conditions here in England? Is the snow now part of the heretical unbeliever network? I think we should be told.

Traitors are getting everywhere.


not an economist said...

Listening to environmentalists these days they seem intent on having their cake and eating it. A short while ago they used to bang on about "Global Warming". That phrase is heard less often now. Instead its "Climate Change". The change sounds innocuous but its no accident in my view.

Arguments abound now that even in an age of glabal warming you will find the climate cooling in certain areas. Its all to do with changes over the pacific I think, which are inturn supposed to result in the climate around Europe actuallty getting cooler while that elsewhere - places like Africa - get hotter.

I am sorry to be vague. Increasingly I switch off with these people (which I know I shouldn't). Their arrogance is quite suffocating. With the recent Climate Gate revelations (i,.e., where emails were leaked from the server of a well known university that specialises in this climate "science") I felt it astonishing the way the emails were just dismissed as harmless and irrelevant in some quarters. In fact it was claimed the emails showed that climate fanatics were aware of thier opponent and were dealing with it. How? By suppressing it - but thats not relevant either. Yet had such emails been found on the server of a well known "Climate Denier" such Warming Fanatics would have been screeching the house down.

And then there was the defence that the hackers were funded by big business who apparrently have a vested interest in global warming. Fair enough but aren't the warming fanatics vested interests, eager to defend their research, work reputations and state salaries and pensions? And are we seriously saying all big businesses are climate deniers when Global Warming Fanaticism is itself becoming a big business gravy train as more and more public money is thrown at the industries (e.g., renewable power) which we are told will save us from destruction?

Apologies for blathering on.

Jack Maturin said...

Some of these subsidy junkies have now become multi-millionaires. Check this guy, who used to be a dole junkie living in a New Age hippie wagon, and is now a subsidy junkie, living in New Labour's fluffy bunny wonderland