Monday, January 11, 2010

Ambrose wants to tear up his Keynesian textbooks

It would appear that Evans Ambrose-Pritchard has finally given up on Keynesianism. With a gloomy piece on America's economic condition, he ends with the rhetorical flourish of a man who knows the game is up:
Tear up the textbooks.
Obviously, I had to help Mr Ambrose out with this melancholy, so I penned him the missive below, via his comment pages:
You don't need to tear up the textbooks, Ambrose.

You simply need to reach up to the highest and dustiest shelf of your personal library and bring down the 1912 book that still explains it all.

You even know which book I mean, before I wipe off the dust to reveal its title and author:

=> The Theory of Money and Credit, by Ludwig von Mises

In case you gave it to your local Oxfam bookshop a few years ago, Ambrose, I even have a PDF address for you, to read the entire thing again for free, now that you finally know Keynesianism is busted. Enjoy the searchable and copyable text:


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