Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Great Bob Higgs: The great depression and the current recession

This unbelievably illuminating lecture was delivered by Sir Robert Higgs at George Mason University as part of the Future of Freedom Foundation's Economic Liberty Lecture Series on October 5, 2009.

Simply amazing. Worth watching right through in a single hit. Incredible.

He does mention a trip to Turkey last year, at one point. Which is unsurprising, as the inspiration for this brilliant speech must have come from the conversation below earlier in the year, at a Turkish beach-side restaurant, with a certain gentleman from England:

Your Maturin Towers correspondent convinces Sir Robert to think about linking the great depression to the current recession, or was it linking the bar bill to the entertainment bill? Whatever the case, it was a great evening.

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Paul said...

Don't believe him, this picture is just a pose. I wanted to create a scene "Economist tries to explain the concept of money to average nincompoop". It was actually I who suggested to Bob Higgs that interesting topic. I also provided him with several talking points.

In all seriousness however, meeting mr. Higgs was my highlight from last year's meeting. I like his presentation style very much, the dry humor and the cynicism.