Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little America

Our overlords burn down the economic house

There is a small corner of south-west Wales, mainly in southern Pembrokeshire, in which the Norman invaders of 1066 probably practised genocide. Although still shrouded in mystery, it appears these sadistically violent French-Norwegian mafiosi slaughtered or transported the indigenous Celts to provide a belt of genetic security around Pembroke castle, an important way-station on the road to the Norman invasion of Ireland (and what fun that has given us in the succeeding 1,000 years).

The chief butcher was Roger de Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, who set up Pembroke castle to subjugate the surrounding Welsh population, after cutting a bloody swathe through Wales from Norman-dominated England.

Roger's wife was the charmingly nick-named Mabilla van Bellême, The Poisoner, daughter of the Flemish noble, Willem II Talvas van Bellême.

Some say that when the Welsh were removed from around the immediate territory of Pembroke castle, they were replaced by tenants and relatives from The Poisoner's Flemish territories, along with Anglo-Saxon mercenaries from Roger's territories in England. As the Old English language was a sub-dialect of Dutch, as is Flemish, and as the two languages were only separated in time by a few centuries, the two Germanic populations quickly intermingled to produce Anglia Transwalliana, or what later became known as the Little England beyond Wales.

I mention all of this in passing, because it's fascinating to see how the dynamic between warlike criminal parasite socialist tax-eaters and peaceful freedom-loving independent market producers has provided us with such a bloody history in these islands which still resonates to this day (just try using an English accent in a northern Welsh pub if you want to try that theory out) but also because it points towards what England has now become; which is a sort of mini-America across the water.

Dan Mitchell, although not fully on the side of the Angels, notes this linkage too, in the following piece:

=> An Omen for America?

In this interesting article he wonders out loud about how a predatory and confiscatory state in Britain, in which you can never guess or anticipate any tax thefts from one year to the next, is driving wealth, employment, and business out of Britain and into friendlier, more stable, and more tax-predictive climes, such as Switzerland, as it lights a pyre under all forms of independent entrepreneurialism.

As Man-Of-The-People Brown, the Scottish instigator of all of these English escapes, claims to be the 'Great Friend' of the current Kenyan incumbent of the White House, one wonders if what is left of American business is similarly being pushed offshore by the similarly socialist policies of Man-Of-The-People Obama.

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