Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I love Dubai

The longer I spend in Dubai the more cleansed I feel, because I am away from the snake-pit of socialist welfare-warfare rent-seeking politics that passes for life in modern Britain.

I am away from 'The Tube', postal strikes, postal unions, the NHS, Gordon Gecko Brown, David Cameron, quantitative counterfeiting from the Bank of England, the BBC, the British police, environmentalist bums, socialist bums, and other destroyers of civilisation and other legions of lazy self-righteous rent-seeking parasites.

I couldn't tell you what Gordon Brown has been saying, and what the headlines are in the Times, the Daily Mail, or the Daily Labourgraph.

Last night, I also sat on a private beach, underneath the 'Burj Al Arab', watching the sun go down over the Dubai Palm, while sipping a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic. The view I had of the hotel was virtually identical to the shot above.

And for a few wonderful hours, the horrors of thinking about life in Britain melted away to nothing. If I was a single man, I would never go back. And it would be a joy never to hand the rats who run Britain another pound of tax, to prop up their rotten miserable little US imperial satrap.

I'm also surrounded by highly intelligent Arabs who cherish the family, moral values, self reliance, zero taxes, and entrepreneurship.

Yes, Dubai has its problems, which we needn't go into now, but for at least a little while, it is great to be outside the bubble of daily British life.

Plus, I'm really learning how to haggle in 'souks'.



Unknown said...

Sigh, seems as though we're the South Pacific mirror image of the once-mighty Homeland. Lots of tax hikes have just been announced from the kiwi version of the Tories who, with lots of chest beating, promised faithfully that they were the good guys and would reduce taxes. Such muppets we are.
Ah well, at least my conscience is clear. As a good anarcho-capitalist I didn't encourage any of them, instead staying well clear of the unseemly and self-deluding pantomime called voting.

On Saturday I'm leaving the shores of UK's redheaded socialist stepchild for a month in Dubai too. Can't wait. It's been a couple of years since I've been there so will be interesting to see how the Burj Dubai is progressing.
Actually, I always thought the Al-Arab looked more like an over-fed penguin than a sail. Not that I'd turn down the chance to stay there you understand... :-)

Jack Maturin said...

I'm sure the tax rises will only be 'temporary'