Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sky News political debates

Sky News have recently been running a campaign to get Gordon "Gecko" Brown to dare to appear in a 'Leaders Debate'. Although they have finally managed to get the craven man to finally agree to this (after Mandy will have ordered him to do it), what was really interesting was the video they kept pumping out 24 hours a day, to force Mandy's well-manicured hand.

Alas, I can't find a copy of this either on the Sky News site, or on YouTube, but the essentials of it were this:

"They want to have power" - Cut to three shots of Cameron, Clegg, and Brown - "They want your taxes" - Cut to various shots of bureaucrats spending money - "And they want your vote"

Now I don't know whether the author of this script was a closet Hans Hoppe fan, but I reckon it's pretty much impossible to more succinctly state the reasoning behind the ideology of democracy.

If you lend these idiots your vote, you thus lend them your power and thus the ability to empty your wallet, whenever they feel like it, to pay off their clients.

So if you want an end to these idiots attempting to run your life, to their vast personal benefit, you know what you've got to do.

Don't vote.

The day that every genuine tax payer stops voting for these muppets is the day that marks our victory over them. They will have no legitimacy at that point, and therefore no taxes and no power.

So now you know why there is a continuing campaign to encourage us to vote, mainly led by the Westminster village cheerleaders in the government licensed media, "or lose the right to criticise any newly elected government".

If I refuse to vote for one of three selected Mafia Capos in a Henley Organised Crime election, does this mean I lose the right to criticise the local Mafia when it robs me on its next protection racket run?

I should coco.

So well done, Sky News, for condensing this message so brilliantly, if albeit unwittingly, about the link between voting and being robbed by criminals.

UPDATE: As Paul says in the comments, no-one puts the message above any better than Uncle George Carlin:

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Paul said...

Grandpa George (may he eternally scream up at us from hell) gets it right:

Graphic, honest language and I would not want it in any other way from him.