Saturday, October 24, 2009

The last post

Back in the stone age there were probably British post men complaining about their working conditions. The message then was probably the same as it should be now:

"If you don't like what you're doing, then go and do something else. The world does not owe you a living."

But Mandy knows that the Labour Party does owe the post men a living, because their union helps bankroll the socialist cause in Britain, and has done so for many decades.

So while the oil of small industry in Britain, cheques through the post, grinds to a halt due to a nationwide postal strike, causing further misery to those brave enough not to be lumpen employees, Mandy fiddles away with brinkmanship and other feeble foibles, to steal from working Britons, to hand tithes to the postal unions.

His only concern is can he get away with it. Can he continue to pour more yet untold billions down the maw of the postal unions, without those being forced to provide these resources marching on Downing Street and dragging Mandy and his quisling Gecko down from their high armoured residences and throwing them both into the Thames?

We did it to King James II in 1688. Perhaps we ought to do it to our new King Mandy the First, too?

How long does anyone think it would take Federal Express, UPS, or Deutsche Post, to start delivering letters in the UK if the Royal Mail monopoly was taken out from the statute book and then ceremoniously burnt at Tyburn Cross?

I reckon it would take about 17.562 nanoseconds.

"Oh, what about crofters without email living on isolated Scottish islands with brothers living on similarly remote Cornish islands who they need to send regular written updates to, about their business interests in islands off the Welsh coast. Their postal services might be slightly worse than two businesses right next to each other in London."

Well, we could argue about that, and I am sure I would win that argument, but we can leave that for another day. Because today, everyone's mail services are definitely identical to everyone else's, due to government monopoly, i.e. there is absolutely no service whatsoever. And it's costing us a fortune.

Even when the appalling Post Office is open, the letters service is terrible, expensive, and confusing. Just like everything else the dead hand of government touches.

Destroy their monopoly. Do it now. I thought all you socialists were opposed to monopoly anyway? So what on Earth are we waiting for?

No monopoly. No problem. The issue will disappear entirely in 24 hours, never to return. It is such a no-brainer, it defies belief that we haven't done it already. But then, with a bought-and-paid-for intellectual class in Britain, much that was once incredibly easy to understand is now tortuously bound in socialist rigmarole and clap-trap.

Just take that monopoly page out from the statute book, Mandy, and burn it. Maturin Towers will even be happy to pay you for the matches.

As the Meerkat says. Simples.

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AL said...

Thanks for the informed post. I sometimes get mired in the propaganda mill and forget free market principles.