Friday, October 16, 2009

The myth of the Marshall Plan

Many of the world's dicators, particularly in Africa, drive around in armoured Mercedes paid for unwittingly by western taxpayers. Much of this funding comes in the form of "aid" trying to match the "success" of the Marsall Plan, which followed WWII in Europe.

Therefore, to stop these dicators, we need to destroy the myth that the Marshall Plan was in any way useful.

This is done spectacularly well by Tyler Cowen in the linked-to PDF below:


This debunks the five central myths of the Marshall Plan:

Myth #1: The Marshall Plan played a significant role in the recovery of Western Europe following WWII

Myth #2: The Marshall Plan encouraged free markets and sound economic policy

Myth #3: The Marshall Plan boosted the American economy

Myth #4: The Marshall Plan's operation was not influenced by domestic US special interests

Myth #5: US foreign policy, following WWII, was one of "free trade" and an "Open Door"

Hopefully such excellent research, debunking the myth of the Marshall Plan, will help free the people of Africa from ongoing dictatorial oppression and debilitating welfare dependency.

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