Monday, October 26, 2009

Karl Marx was a communist!

No, really.

As a former die-hard religoid head-banging socialist, all of my favourite Austrian writings are in the area of curing people from this dreadful mentally disfiguring disease. Hence, 'Socialism' by Ludwig von Mises, 'A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism' by His Hoppe-ness, and 'The Road to Serfdom' by F.A.Hayek, are all on the well-thumbed shelf.

All marvellous. All brilliant. All salvationary. Particularly in my own personal case.

But no-one can beat Uncle Murray. In this tour de force, the Archangel Gabriel of the Austrian School shreds into Karl Marx like a collective tribe of ravenously famished Tasmanian Devils.

He starts with the fairly obvious line that Karl Marx was a communist, but then takes you from there into a whirlwind tour of a thousand years of history, in the way only Uncle Murray can, causing old socialists like me to laugh out loud at our utter stupidity at originally believing this bilge.

Yes, it's always good to top up my anti-socialism immunogens. Thank you Murray Rothbard.

The only question, once again, is how did he manage to read so much. Are there really 27 Murray Rothbards out there? It's the only rational explanation.

BTW, look out for the line on yachts.

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