Thursday, October 22, 2009

The intellectual class in Britain - Bought and paid for

I was having a conversation with a friend of this site, yesterday, and the subject came up of the English intellectual class and its sheer apathy and supinity.

What exactly is wrong with them all?

From Thomas Becket through to Lord Acton, via Shakespeare and Cobden and Bright, the star of influence of England's intellectuals has sometimes shone very brightly, usually coinciding with an overall expansion in human freedom. But now, the historical quality of these people is a dying ember in a cold fire of docile passivity.

This is despite more people in England now perhaps claiming to be 'intellectuals' than have ever claimed this dubious title before.

Yes, there are exceptions, such as heroic Dr Sean Gabb, and the two Libertarian Alliances. However, where is the opposition to the state and its horrific power grabs in the last one hundred years, particularly in the last couple of years?

Where is the opposition to the state in the universities, in the media, in politics, and in every other nest of comfortable sinecured 'intellectualism'? To ask the question, obviously, is to know the answer.

Because virtually all of England's intellectuals are now bought and paid for.

The state has stolen its shilling from the working people and then handed this shilling over to the 'intellectual classes' via their jobs in its subsidised universities, in its licensed media, and particularly within its tame poodles at the BBC. It has bought their subservience and their support with a guaranteed daily dog bowl of stolen pensioned sustenance.

Perhaps their patron saint is the rotten professional northerner Melvyn Bragg, who has become a millionaire many times over through his unparalleled ability to wag his tail and lick the hands of his political masters?

The 'intellectuals' of England are bought and paid for. Just like camp dogs.

I have only one thing to say to all of these pathetic rent-paid-for Rovers, Fidos, and other assorted lap dogs.


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Paul said...

They indeed are pusillanimous. (I was just looking for opportunity to use that word).