Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where communism meets selfishness

I'm currently re-reading Justin Raimondo's excellent "Enemy of the State", his concise biography of Murray Rothbard. I'm currently up to the bit where Rothbard lays into the proto-Objectivists in New York, for wanting all of humanity to become virtual "communoid" clones of each other (all presumably smoking very rational brands of cigarette).

This is just before the Reisman split.


Especially if you need any ammunition to deal with infestations of modern Objectivists.


Costello said...


Jack Maturin said...

He was a red.

Paul said...

Rational cigarette - here's a name for Objectivist health blog.

Gekko said...

"Especially if you need any ammunition to deal with infestations of modern Objectivists"

I think finding the queen is the important thing. The hive will quickly disintegrate without orders from above. A few blasts of disinfectant logic into the hive usually sends the drones running for cover but the queen often defends itself by spitting poisonous bile to the bitter end.

Jack Maturin said...

But didn't Queen Ant Rand dies decades ago? Where do the drones get their running orders from now?

Poor sods.

Worshipping a Goddess who couldn't write a sequel to Atlas Shrugged because she knew her philosophy was flawed on government, and that John Galt would have made as much of a hash of government as Jefferson and Andrew Jackson did, because it is government that is the problem, not the people who try to implement it.

Government poisons everyone. The only solution is its complete extermination.