Sunday, June 29, 2008

Left supports Right defending liberty

Astonishing. Old Communist Tony Benn, in a blue tie, supports Tory David Davis, on the issue of preserving Magna Carta. Well done, sir!

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winfried sobottka said...

Dear Sisters and Brothers around the World means Dear Anarchists both female and male around the World!

Whether living in Germany, U.S.A., Kongo, Japan or wherever else - real Anarchists are Sisters and Brothers worldwide, we don´t know another measure for human beings than only one: Righteous and reasonable, then she or he is an Anarchist, or if not, then we must make her or him to be an Anarchist. That is the natural measure, it doesn´t matter which colour, whether little or large, whether a good mathematician or not, wheter aestehtically looking or not, whether young or old and so on.

Every other measure than ours makes us frustrated and ill, every single person as the whole society, too.

The only natural measure of evaluating persons is according to the fact that we all are living on the same planet, and whatever You do, whatever I do, it will give an effect to all of us and to the whole world. We all are sitting in the same boat, from the South Pole to the North Pole, from Japan to Los Angeles using the way westwards.

So I want to speak to You as Sisters and Brothers, whatever Your colour and nationality should be, everone of You standing eye to eye with me,on the same level. Introducing myself there is one word to say: I am a proud German Anarchist. Not proud to be a German, there is no reason to be proud to be a German, and I cannot remember having anything done to get a German, cannot remember a situation having been asked: "Do You want to be born as a German, or would You prefer to be born as an Indian or whatever else?" I am only proud to be an Anarchist, and that it is my decision to fight for real justice and real reason. So in the sum I am a proud German, because I am an Anarchist who is a German by coincidence.

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Winfried Sobottka

PS.: Those of You being able to read German language will find more - I was forced to use US-registered Domains because of worst political pression in Germany!