Sunday, June 08, 2008

Deep Thought and the 42 days of silence

When the tyrants who currently rule England grant themselves the ability to lock you up for 42 days because they feel like it, there is one basic rule that you must always follow if you should attract their ire and find yourself being clapped into their irons for offending them; you must spend 42 days saying absolutely nothing if you ever want to get out of there in anything under six years.

This holds true to the principle that you should never answer any question from self-appointed state authorities when they accuse you of some crime or could in any way use what you say against you.

But don't just take my word for it. Take instead the word of Professor James Duane, above, perhaps the world's finest advocate for the US fifth amendment, a document itself derived from a 1628 re-interpretation of Magna Carta by Sir Edward Coke. This re-interpretation, The Institutes of the Laws of England, was known intimately by most of the founding fathers of the American colonies when they threw off the statist British yoke of George III, the infamous German stooge. Along with Magna Carta, the glorious 1215 document which re-asserted the rights of Englishmen originally lost to Norman, French, and Breton marauders in 1066, this re-interpretation was used as a template for the American Bill of Rights.

Remember that the British state is nothing but a well-entrenched mafia, which originated as a murderous force of tax-and-land-hungry invaders in 1066, and it has no right to demand anything of you, unless you are stupid enough to legitimise it by voting in its spurious "elections". Obviously, the state employs lots of gun-toting morons in its ranks so we have to use a little common sense, but part of this common sense is saying absolutely nothing to these morons when their guns are pointed your way. Give them nothing they can use later to hang you with. Remember, if refusing to answer the police's questions is good enough for Lord Sir Tony Blair, the former barrister, then it is certainly good enough for you.

Here's the drill: When the Stasi arrive at 3:30am to drag you away, while they're bundling you into the back of some comfortable car they previously made you pay for, they will start asking you questions. They will know full well that at 3:30am, you, their victim, will most likely tell them what they need to nail you to the wall. Say just this: "I will say nothing until I am in the presence of my lawyer." They will undoubtedly be very angry with you, but you will have foxed them, at least for the moment.

Later, when you're banged up and left to sweat in the windowless holding cell you were also made to pay for, as soon as your lawyer gets there, tell this franchisee of the socialist legal system to instruct you to say nothing. Later, when the Stasi goons start asking you questions again, simply say this; "My lawyer has instructed me to say nothing." What can they say in court about you now? Only this: He refused to speak until he saw his lawyer, and then his lawyer forbid him to speak. All this will prove is that you are clear-headed, sure-footed, and willing to obey designated authority. Marvellous!

Yes, they may keep you banged up for six weeks, but if you can hang on that long, contemplating deep thoughts about your navel, and tell them absolutely nothing, you will almost certainly have removed yourself from the hole they intended to bury you in. Six weeks is a lot better than six years.

But more puzzling than all of the above is just where did Scotsman Gordon Brown get the figure of 42 days from? Is he simply a Douglas Adams fan, as the keeper of all the lizards in the Labour Party, or is there something more intrinsic about 42 that I'm missing? If it is simply that more is better, why not 43 days, or 49 days, or even 365 days? What makes 42 days the right number? For that matter, what makes 28 days the right number? Upon what principle are all these numbers based except the Maoist principle of where power springs from? How about the Rothbardian notion that nobody has any right to do anything at all to you, until they have proved that you have done something? Or is it all just a bid by Brown to get his future EU-non-job by replacing Habeas Corpus with the rotten Corpus Juris serfdom-embedding system invented by the mafiosi tyrant to end all mafiosi tyrants, the Emperor Justinian? I ask merely for information.

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Anonymous said...

City Unslicker knows exactly where the 42 days number came from:

Looks pretty convincing to me.

Jack Maturin said...

Sounds bang on the money to me, too!