Monday, June 09, 2008

NY Fed chief urges global bank framework

It would seem that the neocons want to rumble their tanks onto the entire world's lawns with their latest plan to introduce a worldwide financial hegemony, ruled over by the Federal Reserve.

With the gradual slippage of the dollar from its previously esteemed position as the world's reserve currency, a hangover from its days as a relatively hard standard at $35 dollars per ounce of gold, the Fed is beginning to get extremely nervous as it runs ever-closer to the ignominy of a total dollar collapse.

Perusing this plan, however, it seems strange that anyone should think the Fed should be rewarded with the governorship of the entire world's finances, due to its utter inability to manage the dollar? However, I suppose that everyone must have an ambition in life, even the Ponzi-scheme counterfeiters who run the Fed.

With the dollar's general inflation-led deterioration, expect more such panic-driven statements from the Fed, especially just before they reach the Niagara tipping point where Bernanke runs out of US Treasury debt collateral, as reported by Uncle Gary North.

In the meantime, I have some words of advice for Timothy Geithner, The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and his erstwhile bid for us to create the financial foundation for a single world government ruled over by power-crazed District of Columbia reptiles:

If you really want the dollar to survive, Tim, stop printing them up out of thin air!
Will my simple yet magnanimous advice be taken? Perhaps when the land of the free actually becomes free again, by abolishing the Federal Reserve and then returning to a commodity-based money standard, this time one with a 100% reserve.

Let us hope that we do not have to suffer too many more empire-expanding Fed-funded wars, before this happens.


Anonymous said...

The Federal Reserve Has Created the Risk of a Global Depression!

Please sign, publish or forward our Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at to all your pro-freedom friends and associates. The collapsing dollar, exploding oil and food prices, falling housing market, the subprime mortgage and growing credit crisis and stock market weakness are all a result of earlier Federal Reserve actions designed to maximize Wall Street and banking profits at the expense of productive, working people around the world.

Ron Holland, The Swiss Confederation Institute, Wolf Laurel, NC
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Jack Maturin said...

Good luck, Ron - Godspeed with your quest! $-)