Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome back to the oubliette

If you look carefully at the bottom of the photograph above, you should be able to see the grating at the upper entrance of an "oubliette" dungeon in Warwick Castle. The word oubliette comes from the French, oublier, to forget. What would happen is that one of the French terrorists who took over this country in 1066 would take a saxon prole and drop them into this oubliette dungeon and then forget about them, usually because the French overlord felt like it.

It became illegal to use an oubliette in 1215 when Plantaganet French tyrant, King John, was forced to sign the Magna Carta. From then on, whenever any man, no matter his station in life, was taken prisoner by an overlord, he had to be charged before being locked away. That is, his incarceration had to be made public and he had to be told why he had been locked up.

Our current Scottish tyrant overlord, Gordon Brown, has now removed this central plank of Magna Carta. He has destroyed Habeas Corpus and replaced it with the same tyranny that gave us the oubliette. Let us be in no doubt that now this human rat has got his 42 day oubliette plan, a 90 day oubliette plan, with 30 day extensions ad infinitum, is merely a matter a time.

Thank you Gordon, for giving us back the oubliette after nearly 800 years in this country of being free of such wretched terrorism. Let us hope that one day we can drop you into one too, to let you know how it feels.

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