Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hyperinflation Bubble Explodes

It's been a few hectic months in the life of yours truly, but this week has been unbelievable. What can I say? Nothing more, for the moment, other than I recommend that you keep checking in with, the font of all reason.

In the meantime, does anyone out there run a burger bar? Would you like a new burger flipper? I have my own golden spatula. And my own collection of Sponge Bob DVDs.

And if anyone else is reading, has anyone ever appeared more like a gangster than the preposterous Gordon Brown, with his cant about removing the criminality behind the western financial system? As Eric Daniels, my new personal hero, said, the whole fault of this lies with the central banks. And their masters in Washington and Downing Street.

And if the rest of us don't wake up and realise this, we are heading towards hyperinflation, national socialism, and World War III. We Austrians must stand up and state the truth of this for what it is. This is all entirely the fault of the socialist gangster politicians and the state-educated idiots who support them. The solution will be the removal of these fools and all of the associated organs of their moronic criminal empires.

I'm doing what I can, in my limited and tiny sphere of influence. Are you?


Steven said...

Good to have you back, Jack.

Jack Maturin said...

Well, we can't let Lew Rockwell have ALL the fun, can we! :-)